Tollywood Actress Shrabanti Chatterjee harass By Someone



The world is moving towards modernity day by day, And nowadays everything is slowly becoming dependent on the internet world. Today, almost everyone has become dependent on the Internet. Whether it is an ordinary person or a celebrity, everyone is connected to the Internet today. With the help of the internet today, it is very easy for celebrities to connect with their fans or for any fan to put their favorite star in the connect. With the help of the internet, anybody can contact one country to another country.
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The user of the internet increasing day by day. Beside cyber-crime also increasing day by day. Recently, popular actress Srabanti has been the victim of this cyber-crime. However, this crime was not from India, it was from Bangladesh. Someone had been sending her obscene messages for several days. Finally, the Bengali actress Srabanti complained to the High Commission of Bangladesh that she could not bear it.

The actress told the newspaper that she has been receiving this obscene message for a long time. She got annoyed and blocked the number. But that did not solve any problem. Dirty messages keep coming back from different numbers. It was also reported that various slanders have been made in the name of the country. At last, she Complained to the Bangladesh High Commission with the help of her Bangladeshi friend.

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