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SOS Kolkata Movie
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SOS Kolkata movie is a thriller action film. Terrorists hijacked a hotel in Kolkata. As result, the whole town was terrified about this. To stop these terrorists in the city and to save the town, the government gave responsibility to Anti-Terrorism Squad. Anti-Terrorism Squad stars Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan in the lead roles. Will Anti-Terrorism Squad be able to save the town Kolkata? Mimi Chakraborty will be seen in the role of  Yash's wife Sanjana. Apart from Yash, Nusrat, Mimi, the movie will also be seen by actress Ena Saha. Ena Saha is playing the role of a Bubly Girl.But as the movie progresses, Ena was also seen joining the war.

Yash Dasgupta

Yash said 'my character is based on a real man. Which has many conventional features. I didn't know that before. But there was told to me earlier, that it is the character of a soldier and its a D-Glam character. When an actor or actress plays a real human character. Then it gets tough on that actor or actress. So, if you want to enhance the character by acting, you have to follow your own methods and characteristics of the character. It’s an extraordinary and different experience'.

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan said 'that she is very happy to get the role of a female hero in this movie. She always wanted a character that is not common in the Bengali film industry. Having the opportunity to act in this movie', her wish is fulfilled.

Mimi Chakraborty

'I am very happy to be back in my old job. This was the first job in shooting this movie after the lockdown. Hopefully, everything will become normal very soon. We have been shooting the movie in a very peaceful way and in accordance with the rules down by the government. My character's name in the movie is Sanjana. Which is the female lead in the movie. Earlier, Mimi and Nusrat were seen together in the movie Crisscross directed by Birsa Dasgupta. Once again Nusrat and Me Will be seen Together in this movie' said, Mimi Chakraborty.


Yash Dasgupta

Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Mimi Chakraborty

Nusrat Jahan

Ena Saha

Shantilal Chakraborty

Rajkumar Patra

Rupa Bhattacharya

Produce By - Anshuman Pratyush co-produce by Ena Saha, Banani Saha

Directed By - Anshuman Pratyush

Releasing - This Durga Puja (2020) Expected 21th October

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