Nusrat Jahan's Bold Look With Yash Dasgupta

Nusrat Jahan is seen in a bold look with Yash Dasgupta.SOS Kolkata Movie team has released their third song 'Har Manbo Na'.The hotness of Nusrat and Yash has captivated the internet world with the song. This look of Yash and Nusrat has gradually gone viral on Instagram. In the song, Yash and Nusrat have an active look with boldness. The song 'Har Manbo Na' features Pratik Kundu and his music band (Sonu, Samiran, Arghya). The song is sung by Farhad Bhiwandiwala, Arpita Das, Pratik Kundu. Pratik Kundu has rapped the song. The song was written and composed by Pratik Kundu himself.

The first song of SOS Kolkata movie was released 'Thik Bhul Bhule Ami'.The song featured some romantic scenes of Yash and Mimi in the  SOS Kolkata movie. Mimi is playing the role of Yash's wife in the movie. The song showed the romantic moment of husband and wife. The song is sung by Anwesha Dutta Gupta, Pratik Kundu, written by Pratik Kundu, the song also composed by Pratik Kundu.

The second song of the SOS Kolkata movie, which was released that is  'Raagi Raja' Where the audience has seen a kid actress Oishika. Oishika has play Diya, daughter of Yash and Mimi In the Movie. This kid actress has won the audience's heart through the song  'Raagi Raja'.The song is celebrating the occasion of Diya's Birthday Party (Oishika). The song is sung by Oindrila Sanyal, Nikhita Gandhi, Dev Arijit. Savvy has given music to the song and written by Ritam Sen.

SOS Kolkata movie is going to be released on 21st October. The shooting of the SOS Kolkata Cinema was pending for the lockdown.SOS Kolkata film shooting was the first Bengali film shooting after lockdown. The work has been done in accordance with the rules down by the government. Even after the shooting, the work is being done according to the rules. I hope everything will be normal again. Mimi Chakraborty said in an interview.

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