Dev's Upcoming Movie Commando Band ?
Commando Movie Poster

Dev's new movie Commando is coming very soon. Where Dev will be seen as a Commando officer. This is Dev's first Bangladeshi movie. The teaser of the Commando movie was recently released on YouTube.December 25 was Dev's birthday. And to share that joy among the fans., he released Commando movie Teaser on his YouTube channel Dev Entertainment Ventures. At the moment it spread among the fans. But soon, the Commando's film team faced criticism.

Some fans are upset to see it. They said in their statement, Islam has been insulted in some parts of the movie. So they got in trouble watching the movie. And the whole team of the Commando film has been insulted. In this situation, the Commando movie team removed Teaser from YouTube.

Director Shamim Ahmed Rony said We had no intention of insulting the holy Islam. Everyone could understand if they saw the whole movie. We have seen Islam as a religion of peace. Rather, for those who misinterpret Islam, The movie is against them.Me and my producer are also Muslims. We have never done and will never do anything that insults Islam.

Even though we hurt some people despite our reluctance, me and my team apologize. In honor of their statement, we are removing Commando's Teaser from Dev Entertainment Ventures YouTube Channel. And those who have downloaded Teaser and shared it on various social media, I am requesting them to remove it. We will editing and publishing Teaser in a new way.

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