New Bengali movie Habji Gabji's release postponed
Habji Gabji Movie Poster

Shubhashree Ganguly starring The new Bengali movie Habji Gabji's release date has been postponed. The Habji Gabji movie was supposed to be released this Christmas. However, there were fears among the viewers about the release. And that fear has now come true. The director of the movie Raj Chakraborty has informed about this on his Twitter post.

"We have not yet been able to overcome the current terrible condition. Audiences are still averse to cinema halls. So keeping in mind the current situation, the release date of the movie is being postponed. After overcoming this bad situation, We will come back again with all the rules by the government with two movies Habji Gabji and Dharmajuddha."

The current situation is very bad. All work was suspended for the last few months, and since October there has been good news for the film industries. People in the film industry can start their work. Not just in India, this problem is going on in the whole world. As the industry is waiting for the audience, the audience is also hoping for entertainment. We hope everything will be the same as before.

Parambrata Chatterjee will be seen in Habji Gabji with Shubhashree. The pair of Shubhashree and Parambrata will be seen on screen for the first time through this movie, the real problems caused by smartphones have been highlighted. Parambrata will be seen in the movie as Shubhashree's husband. 

Today, the whole world has become dependent on smartphones. Even at home, family members do not talk to each other. Everyone is busy with their smartphones. Parents are handing out smartphones to their children to keep them busy at work or to keep them awake. Later they become addicted to the phone and internet world, then the problem starts. Shuts everything down and stays busy on the phone, which creates problems later. In the movie, director Raj Chakraborty has highlighted this real event.

Another interesting thing is that the actor Kanchan Mallick's son Ayush Mallick will also be seen in this movie. Ayush Mallick is playing the role of Shubhashree and Parambrata 's son.

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