Parliament is now in the homes of the common people
Nusrat Jahan in Basirhat

Basirhat MP Nusrat Jahan is now in the house of common people. How are the people of Basirhat? All right? Are they getting all the benefits from the government? To find the answer to all these questions, MP Nusrat Jahan reached the houses of the people of Basirhat.MP Nusrat Jahan spoke directly to the people of Basirhat.

The government's new 'Duare Duare' Program has been launched since December 1st. Whether the people are getting the benefit of the projects that have been launched by the government, To find out, last Saturday MP Nusrat Jahan herself reached out to the people of Basirhat, Wanted to know if they have any problem? Wich could be solved by her? And if they are not under any government program, they will be taken under the program, said Nusrat Jahan. Nusrat Jahan spoke for a long time. The people of Basirhat are very happy to get their MP.

On that day, Nusrat faced the questions of the journalists, She replied, "I am not here to talk about politics."I have not come here to give any speech on politics. I have come to see if people are good. This is what our Chief Minister wants. It is our dream for people to be well and live with their family happily. People are getting Kanyashree, Sabuj Sathi, are benefiting from the various program including Sastho Sathi. All the families in Bengal will get up to 5 lakh health insurance by Sastho Sathi Program. Camping in a very nice way. People are good...  It is easy to live in Bengal.

News Source - Hindustan Times Bangla

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