Hoichoi Original's Web series Byomkesh 6 All Set to Be Released

Byomkesh 6 Poster

Byomkesh story is basically a thriller story, Where Byomkesh unravels the mysteries. Like every time, everyone's favorite detective Byomkesh will be seen again to unravel another new mystery. Where he penetrates the mystery with his sharp intellect and the truth will bring out.

Byomkesh will be seen this time to solve the murder mystery of a big family. A Pakistani girl named Hena Mallick comes here. She looks very beautiful and attractive in everyone's eyes. One day Hena suddenly fell from the roof and died. How did she fall? Is it suicide or murder? Byomkesh takes responsibility to solve that mystery. Byomkesh realizes there are some secrets in this family. So Byomkesh goes out with his friend Ajit to find out the truth. How did Heena die? What is the secret hidden in the family? Byomkesh and Ajit themselves will not be in any danger in solving the mystery? It will be known on 8th January 2021on hoichoi official app or official website.


Byomkesh 6 CAST:

Anirban Bhattacharya As Byomkesh Bakshi

Suprabhat Ghosh As Ajit

Darshana Banik As Hena Mallik

Ridhima Ghosh As Satyabati

Debshankar Halder As Santosh Samadder

Rooqma Ray

Krishnendu Dewani

Soumendra Bhattacharya

Ujaan Chatterjee

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