Once again Abir Chatterjee & Nusrat Jahan making pair in new film Dictionary

Dictionary Movie Poster

Once again Abir Chatterjee & Nusrat Jahan making pairs in the new film Dictionary. Nusrat was last seen in the movie SOS Kolkata. This time she will be seen in the dictionary movie. Abir Chatterjee will be seen alongside Nusrat in this movie. Abir and Nusrat were seen together in the movie Asur. Where superstar Jeet was their co-actor.Once again Nusrat and Abir will be seen together in this film Dictionary.

Nusrat will be seen in a different role in this movie. Nusrat playing Smita Sanyal in this film. Smita Sanyal and her husband Ashok Sanyal lives in a government bungalow. Smita is a housewife. She loves to read literary stories, Which relatable to the real life of Nusrat. Smita wants to live on her own terms.

Abir Chatterjee-Nusrat Jahan in Dictionary

Abir Chatterjee will be seen in the movie as Smita Sanyal's husband Ashoke Sanyal. Ashoke Sanyal is a Forest Officer by profession. Ashoke is a very cold natured person from the outside, but he is a caring loving person from the inside. He doesn't get excited about small things.

Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim also stars in the film along with Abir and Nusrat. Mosharraf will be seen as Makar Kranti Chatterjee. Makar Kranti is a real state businessman. He lives with his wife Sreemati and son Rakesh. He made himself a businessman with hardworking. One more interesting thing is that director Bratya Basu's wife Poulami Basu also stars in the film as Makar Kranti's wife Sreemati.

Dictionary Movie Scene

Director Bratya Basu said the story has taken from two short stories 'Baba Howa’ and ‘Swami Howa' written by Buddhadeb Guha. The story shows the distance we create in our relationships. For us 'dictionary' (the word) means finding a meaning to words, but in the film, it means finding the meaning to the different roles we play in our life.

After a long time director Bratya Basu directing a film. The last movie directed by Bratya Basu was Taara, produced by Badal Kumar Ghosh in 2010. He was busy with theaters for so many years. After 10 years Bratya Basu working as a director in film. Dictionary movie produces by Firadausal Hassan. Recently, Nusrat Jahan posted a character poster of Dictionary on her social media page. Dictionary movie releasing on 12th February 2021.

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