Tollywood actor Dev Starrer Film Dhumketu might be released soon

Dhumketu Movie News Update:
Dev in Dhumketu

Tollywood actor Dev Starrer Dhumketu was suppressed for a long time. The movie, which was made in 2016, not been released yet, and the audience was disappointed including the producer, director, and movie stars. There was a question in the audience's mind when they will be able to see Dev's  Dhumketu.

The movie has not been released yet due to a disputation between producer Rana Sarkar and actor Dev. But this time there is good news. Dhumketu film producer Rana Sarkar tweeted on 13th February, 'we have talked with Dev about releasing this film. It has been resolved in consultation with Mahendra Soni and the outcome of the meeting is positive. I may be able to give you good news soon. Wait for some good news'.

Dhumketu movie directed by National Award-winner director Koushik Ganguly. Starring by Dev (Dipak Adhikari) and Shubhasree Ganguly in lead roles. This movie one of the best movies of Dev's career. Dev looks totally different in this film. He will be seen as the old man. And this thing has made everyone more interesting. Dev has never been seen in such a role before. Dev said, 'I'm also waiting for the movie to be released, I will be seen in a different form and in a different character than the audience has ever seen me before'.

The movie was made in 2016. But the movie was not released due to a disputation between the producer and Dev. However, after this tweet of Rana Sarkar, it is hoped that the movie will be released very soon. However, Rana Sarkar didn't mention any specific date or session.

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