Anamika Chakrabory making pair with Bonny Sengupta
Bonny Sengupta & Anamika Chakraborty(facebook Pic) 

Tv actress Anamika  Chakraborty debuting in Tollywood. Anamika making pair with Tollywood Actor Bonny Sengupta. Anamika was last on tv as Hiya in Ekahne Akash Nee season 2 where her co-actor was Sean Banerjee. She gained a lot of popularity as Hiya. After gaining popularity on television, she will be seen on big screen with Bonny Sengupta. Anamika Chakraborty and Bonny Sengupta making pair in Saptaswa Basu directed the upcoming horror film Jatugriha.

Saptaswa Basu directed the last film Pratidwandi was a crime thriller film. Now Saptaswa Basu going to make a horror film. Saptaswa Basu's upcoming film Jatugriha Starring Bonny Sengupta and Anamika Chakraborty in the lead roles. The film also stars Maahi Kar, Rajdeep Gupta, and Ranajoy Bishnu. 'Horror film is rare in the Bengali film industry. Bengali movie lovers who love to watch horror movies are especially dependent on Hollywood and Bollywood. So my plan is to make a horror movie' said, director Saptaswa Basu.

The first look poster of Jatugriha movie has been released recently. Actor Bonny Sengupta shared the poster on his social media pages. Bonny has been seen in horror films before. Bonny Sengupta starred in Haranath Chakraborty directed horror film Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd. Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd was a horror comedy film but Jatugriha will be a complete horror film with lots of mysteries.

The Story of Jatugriha revolves around Rehan playing by Bonny Sengupta. Rehan got a job as a hotel manager in a hilly area. He was happy to get the job as usual and started working with concentration. But after a few days, his life takes a new turn. Rehan falls in love with a local girl. But the girl seemed strange to him. The girl lives alone in a palace and she loves to be alone. The local peoples think that the palace is haunted. Does the girl want to hide some mysteries? or is she herself mysterious. will Rehan be able to save her love by unraveling this mystery? or Rehan himself will be lost in this mystery? 

If all goes well, the shooting will from May. Most of the scenes will be shot in Darjeeling, Kalingpog, and Sikkim.

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