Bonny Sengupta announce his next film Jatugriha with Saptaswa Basu
Bonny Sengupta (Instagram Pic)

Bonny Sengupta is one of the most popular actors in Tollywood. Recently he was in news because of his new journey in politics apart from his passion for acting. Bonny Sengupta was last seen on screen with Koushani Mukherjee in Tumi Ashbe Bole Bengali film directed by Sujit Mondal. Now Bonny Sengupta announces his upcoming movie. He will be seen in Saptaswa Basu's directed upcoming film Jotugriho.

This is the first time Bonny Sengupta working with directer Saptaswa Basu. Bonny entered Tollywood with Raj Chakraborty in Borbaad where his co-star was Rittika Sen. Later, he worked with many popular directors like Rabi Kinagi, Haranath Chakraborty, Pathikrit Basu, Raja Chanda, and other Tollywood directors along with his father Anup Sengupta. Now Bonny Sengupta starring in Saptaswa Basu's film Jatugriha. Bonny shared the news on his social media pages. Bonny posted the official poster of Jatugriha film and wrote in the caption 'সপ্তাশ্ব বসুর পরিচালিত আমার আগামী ছবি জতুগৃহ-র #FirstLook'

Jotugriho belongs to a suspense thriller film. According to the poster, the film is a horror kind of film. The poster shows, Bonny Sengupta is sitting in front of a piano, a little boy hanging on his shoulder which we can see in a mirror in the background. The Poster indicates that the film might be a suspense horror film. Although we can guess the actual story after released the trailer. Saptaswa Basu directed the last film was Pratidwandi which received a good response from the audience. Let's see how much the audience likes this film.

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