Viral News: Joba aka Pallavi Sharma got married to Nobel Man?

Viral News Joba aka Pallavi Sharma got married to Nobel
The first one is original & the second one is edited

There are many photos, videos and news goes viral every day, some of them are true and some are fake. This time such an incident happened with Bengali TV actress Pallabi Sharma. Ke Apon Ke Por Serial fame Pallabi Sharma got married to Bangladeshi Singer Nobel, the picture goes viral as usual. The actress got married without informing anyone. There has been a stir among Pallavi Sharma's fans.

Did she really marry Novel Man? or it's fake news? Yes, this is absolutely fake news. Last year Nobel Man made a post on his social media where he and his sister wear the same garland. Someone replaced Nobel's sister face with Pallavi Sharma's face in the picture. Nobel Man has been criticized before for the picture. He could not escape the criticism even Even after introducing the girl as his sister. Pallavi Sharma has also been criticized for her role of Joba, sometimes to extinguish the fire with foot, sometimes to defuse the bomb with scissors.

Cheak out the original post:

Although there is no dought that Pallavi Sharma is one of the most lovable actresses in the Bengali Tv industry. Audience loves her and she has been praised for her character Joba in Ke Apon Ke Por serial. Ke Apon Ke Por is one of the most successful television series. The series was launched on 25 July 2016 and runs successfully till 27 December 2020. The actress is most popular as Joba than her real name Pallavi. The actress is currently busy in fashion photoshoots.

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