Saina Chatterjee remembers her father Abhishek Chatterjee on Father's Day

Saina Chatterjee remembers her father late Abhishek Chatterjee on Fathers's Day
Abhishek Chatterjee with daughter Saina Chatterjee & Sanjukta Chatterjee

Today (19th June) is 'Father's Day'. Everyone is greeting their fathers and sharing their fond memories on social media. Ordinary people or celebrities all want to greet their fathers. Similarly, Saina Chatterjee, daughter of late Tollywood actor Abhishek Chatterjee, shared a beautiful moment with her father. On the special occasion of Father's Day, Abhishek Chatterjee's daughter Saina shared a heart-touching video on her father's Facebook page.


A few days ago, The family of the late actor was honored. A star has been named after late Tollywood actor Abhishek Chatterjee. Soumen Chatterjee who produced Abhishek Chatterjee's last film 'Panchabhuj' made it happen. Soumen Chatterjee has done this through the help of an astronomical organization from the US. According to the US agency certificate, Abhishek Chatterjee will shine in the sky as a star named 'Unicorn'.

Abhishek Chatterjee was one of the most popular Tollywood actors. He made his mark in the film industry as well as on television. The versatile actor passed away this year on March 24 due to a massive heart attack at 58. He was shooting for a non-fiction television show when he suffered a heart attack and vomited more than once. Everyone on the set rushed to him for help. The crew members and his co-stars suggested he be hospitalized but he did not agree. The actor was immediately taken home where his family called a doctor and Chatterjee was given medical treatment. But late at night, he breathed his last.

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