Actress-politician Papiya Adhikari slams Mimi Chakraborty for her recent tweet

Actress-politician Papiya Adhikari slams Mimi Chakraborty for her recent tweet

Papiya Adhikari
, who is one of the well-known names in both the Bengali entertainment industry and politics, slammed Mimi Chakraborty for her recent tweet about finding hair in the food served by a famous airline company. There is a lot of fuss about the whole thing. Mimi Chakraborty was even trolled for this. And now, actress-politican Papiya Adhikari opened her lips on this matter.

Papiya's question to Mimi, 'Did you tweet about the school mid-day meal mess? I haven't seen it. Have you ever opened up about students finding bugs in their their mid-day meal? You don't see much from the position you are in. You could easily tell the air hostess to change the food, there was no need to tweet. It had to be tweeted to show that you were celebrating your birthday in Paris'.

Last Tuesday night, Mimi Chakraborty tweeted a post about finding hair in her food on an Emirates flight while returning to Kolkata after celebrating her birthday in Paris. Chakraborty wrote 'Dear @emirates i believe u hav grown 2 big to care less abut ppl traveling wit u. Finding hair in meal is not a cool thing to do i believe. Maild u nd ur team but u didn’t find it necessary to reply or apologise @EmiratesSupport That thing came out frm my croissant i was chewing.

Here's the post:

After this tweet, a large section of netizens trolled Mimi. A netizen wrote, 'O Didi, you are complaining so much about having a hair in your food, while your government is serving snakes, rats, in children's food. Say something about that'

Source - Hindustan Times

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