Bengali Serials TRP Chart on 2nd February, 2023

Bengali Serials TRP Chart on 2nd February, 2023
Bengali Serials TRP Chart on 2nd February, 2023

The wait is over. We are back again with the latest TRP list of Bengali serials for serial lovers. You can check the latest TRP rating of your favorite Bengali serial through this post. And the new chart has brought some new surprises for serial lovers. Especially for fans of the newly launched show Meyebela. Swikriti Majumder and Roopa Ganguly starrer show performed very well in its first week. Anyway, let's see which serial ruling the chart this week. As of the last week, Swastika Ghosh and Dibyojyoti Dutta starrer show Anurager Chhowa topped the TRP chart again with 8.8 rating, and Zee Bangla's show Jagaddhatri, which was in the second position last week still managed its position with 8.6 rating. On the other hand, Bishwarup Bandyopadhyay and Mohona Maiti Starrer show Gouri Elo also retained the third position on the chart with 8.0 rating. Rubel Das and Pallavi Sharma starrer show Neem Phuler Modhu which was in the fourth position last week still retained the same position on the chart this week with 7.8 rating and surprisingly, Aratrika Maity and Biswajit Ghosh starrer show Khelna Bari took the fifth position on the chart this week with 7.5 rating. 

Let's check out the complete TRP list of Bengali serials on 2nd February 2023-

1st - Anurager Chhowa - 8.8

2nd - Jagaddhatri - 8.6

3rd - Gouri Elo - 8.0

4th - Neem Phuler Modhu - 7.8

5th - Khelna Bari - 7.5

6th - Ponchomi/Bangla Medium - 7.1

7th - Ranga Bou - 6.9

8th - Ekka Dokka - 6.8

9th - Meyebela - 6.3

10th - Gaatchora - 6.2

11th - Mithai/Sohag Jol - 5.8

12th - Horo Gouri Pice Hotel - 5.7

13th - Alta Phoring - 4.9

14th - Nabab Nandini - 4.7

15th - Tomar Khola Hawa - 4.3

16th - Guddi - 3.6

17th - Lokkhi Kakima Superstar - 3.2

18th - Godhuli Alap - 3.1

19th - Mon Dite Chai - 2.9

20th - Shri Krishna Leela - 2.0

21st - Radha Krishna - 1.8

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