Actress Anushree Das to play Bithi in Meyebela

Actress Anushree Das to play Bithi in Meyebela
Actress Anushree Das to play Bithi in Meyebela

Actress Anushree Das, who has been seen in several Television series and Movies has joined the cast of Meyebela. Anushree Das will be seen playing a pivotal role alongside Arpan Ghoshal and Swikriti Majumder in the show.

There were rumors in the industry that Roopa Ganguly is leaving her show 'Meyebela' as Bithika Mitra was not seen on the show for the past few days. And the latest episode of Meyebela proved those rumors true, featuring Anushree Das as Bithika Mitra aka Bithi. Anushree Das, who has recently been seen in Ekka Dokka, will now be seen in Swikriti Majumder and Arpan Ghoshal-Starrer show Meyebela. Yes, Anushree Das replaces Roopa Ganguly in the daily soap.

Roopa Gangopadhyay's performance as Bithi was not liked by many. The actress has to listen to the sarcasm that she is doing 'over acting'. However, a large section of netizen is not happy with this sudden face change. 

It's been heard that the actress was not satisfied with the way Bithi's character is being portrayed. So, the actress took this decision due to creative differences. There are also rumors that the makers are not happy with the current TRP ratings of the show, but Roopa Ganguly's remuneration was sky-high. So, both the actress and the producer mutually took such a decision. However, the actress did not give an official statement about why she left the show.

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Roopa Gangopadhyay kept herself away from acting for a long time as she was busy with politics. She made her comeback through Meyebela. But she took a break from the screen very soon.

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