Actress Roopa Ganguly opens up about why she quit 'Meyebela'

Actress Roopa Ganguly opens up about why she quit 'Meyebela'
Actress Roopa Ganguly opens up about why she quit 'Meyebela'

It was already reported that Roopa Ganguly, who was seen as Bithi in 'Meyebela' has quit the show. This mega has been in the spotlight since its inception and is also performing well on the TRP chart. But veteran actress Roopa Ganguly left the show in just four months and now Anushree Das is seen in the role of Bithika Mitra aka Bithi instead of Ganguly.

Now the question is why Roopa Ganguly left the show. Well, the actress herself has spoken about why she left the show.

When Roopa Ganguly was asked about this, she told Ananda Plus, ''I couldn't accept the incoherence the show was showing. It's truly unbelievable that a serial can be so regressive in this generation. I agreed to do this serial because of the story. But the character doesn't match with the character that the makers had told me earlier.''

Incidentally, Bithika Mitra is portrayed as a villain in the series who always tries to harm her daughter-in-law. 

''40 years ago this would have been accepted. The most important thing is that there is no logic behind the events Bithi does. I was constantly talking to the makers of Meyebela and the channel about this. But I had to hear 'This is what is going on in the market'. I also contacted the producer Nispal Singh but as it did not work, I wrote a letter to the producer in April'' said Roopa Ganguly.

''People told me that they don't like my character in Meyebela. I was also struggling to play the character. I was suffering mentally. I used to cry every day after returning home from the sets. I always wondered what I was doing. I couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to quit the show'' Ganguly further added.

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