Actress Tanjin Tisha opens up on her suicide rumors; Watch The video


Bangladeshi actress Tanjin Tisha, who is mostly known for her work in television, was reportedly added to a hospital last Wednesday. According to local newspapers, the actress fell ill suddenly and was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital and later shifted to a private hospital in the capital. But after the incident, various rumors spread on social media, claiming that the actress tried to commit suicide.

But what actually happened to Tanjin Tisha? 

Regarding her suicide rumors, Tanjin Tisha made a post on her Facebook handle where she clarified what actually happened to her that day. She wrote, "I came across news with misinformation today, and I want to clear it up for everyone. The fact is, I was in a bad state after suffering from food poisoning last night, so I took a sleeping pill, and as a side effect, I vomited and went to the hospital for emergency assistance. I am now completely healthy."

“I lost my father two years ago which made me strong enough to live my life. Nothing happened in my life that would make me decide to commit suicide. Everything is going well. And talking about my love life, I don't want to talk about it publicly. If anyone is interested in talking about my personal life they can. I will soon attend a press conference with reporters for my well-wishers and mention the names of people trying to harm both personally and professionally'' added Tanjin Tisha.

Watch Tanjin Tisha's official Facebook post regarding her suicide rumors:

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