Bengali Serial TRP List on 17th November 2023


Hey everyone, we're here with the newest Bengali serial TRP list for the 3rd week of November 2023. Usually, it drops on Thursdays, but this time, because of the festival, it got delayed. However, the eagerly awaited TRP list is finally revealed for the eager readers. 

Surprisingly two Bengali drama serials topped the TRP charts this week. Yes, you read that right. Zee Bangla's popular shows Kar Kachhe Koi Moner Kotha and Neem Phooler Madhu topped the TRP chart this week with 7.9 ratings. And Divyani Mondal Starrer show Phulki which was in the second position last week, still retained the same position on the chart this week with 7.8 ratings.

On the other hand, Ankita Mallick and Soumyadeep Mukherjee starrer show Jagaddhatri, ranked third in the chart with 7.7 ratings. Dibyojyoti Dutta and Swastika Ghosh starrer show Anurager Chhowa ranked fourth with 7.0 ratings and the fifth position has been taken up by Annwesha Hazra starrer show Sandhyatara with 6.4 ratings. 

Take a look the complete TRP chart below:

1st - Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha/Neem Phuler Modhu - 7.9

2nd - Phulki - 7.8

3rd - Jagaddhatri - 7.7

4th - Anurager Chhowa - 7.0

5th - Sandhyatara - 6.4

6th - Tomader Rani - 6.3

7th - Love Biye Aajkal/Ranga Bou/Tunte - 6.2

8th - Jol Thoi Thoi Bhalobasha/Ichhe Putul - 6.1

9th - Horogouri Pice Hotel - 5.9

10th - Kamala O Sreeman Prithviraj/Tumi Asheypashey Thakle - 5.2

11th - Mili - 5.1

12th - Khelna Bari - 4.7

13th - Ramprasad - 4.5

14th - Gouri Elo - 3.4

15th - Gaatchora - 3.2

16th - Mon Dite Chai - 3.1

17th - Shri Krishna Leela - 2.4

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