Hoichoi Originals Series Mismatch 3 Cast, Story

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Mismatch is hoichoi original web series. Two seasons of the Mismatch series have already come. And it is one of the successful web series. Hoichoi has launched many web series on its platform. Hollyfuck is one of the romantic comedy web series on hoichoi OTT platform by SVF production company.

Now your favorite Mismatch's new series is back with a new twist, where you will get another twist by two couples. The couples are Imtiaz with Sukanya and Nibedita with R.K.

Rajdeep Gupta will be seen as Imtiaz, and Rachel White will be playing the role of Imtiaz's wife Sukanya. Nivedita character played by Payel Sarkar and Abhishek Singh playing her husband role as R.K.kanchan Mallik will be seen as Milan Baba and Priyanka Rati Pal will be seen as Baba's assistant.

Mismatch Season 3 Cast:

Rajdeep Gupta as Imtiaz

Mismatch 3 - Rajdeep Gupta

Rachel White as Sukanya

Mismatch3 - Rachel White

Payel Sarkar as Nivedita

Mismatch 3 - Payel Sarkar

Abhishek Singh as R.K

Mismatch 3 - Abhishek Singh

Kanchan Mllik as Milan Baba

Mismatch 3 - Kanchan Mallik

Priyanka Rati Pal as Milan Baba's Assistant

Mismatch 3 - Priyanka Rati Pal

Produce by - SVF

Release Date - 18 September
Streaming on - Hoichoi OTT platform

Story Line: 

In the story, both couple are unsatisfied with their partners for different reasons. They decide to solve their problems. Two couples go to Milan Baba(Kanchan Mallik). Milan baba finds a solution. Baba said the couples to exchange their partners with different partners. And their wild journey goes start. What will happen next? Is the problem will solve ? or its gonna be more complicated? what will happen?  

To know what will happen. watch Mismatch Season 3 from 18 September on hoichoi app. To watch Mismatch Season 3 Trailer click here

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