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After Cheeni, SVF's new surprise. Just a few days ago, SVF produced the Bengali movie Cheeni released. But before the taste of Cheeni's goes away, One more new taste has come. That is the taste of love. A new romantic movie Prem Tame is coming with tears, Fun, Love, Romance.

Soumya Mukherjee

Collage means hangouts, fun, and love along with studies. Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes being naughty. Prem Tame movie is all about the extraordinary love story of ordinary life.

The film stars Soumya Mukherjee, Susmita Chatterjee, and Swetha Mishra in the lead roles. Soumya Mukherjee will be seen as Pablo's character, Susmita is playing the role of Raaji. Sweta will be seen in the character of Arshi.

Sweta Mishra

Pablo and Arshi are love birds of their college. Their love continues well. But one day their relationship broke down.'Dry thank you'(Kiss) don't like Pablo's. He wants 'wet thank you'(Kiss). When he went to take a wet thank-you from Arshi, The other students saw them. Everyone in the college found out and they were expelled from the college. Pablo and Arshi became separated. Sweet simple Arshi was lost from his life. 

Susmita Chatterjee

After that, Raaji came into Pablo's life. Raaji is a free-minded bold girl. She does not care for anyone. She does whatever she wants. Pablo and Raaji's new love story begins. But it will be a love story and there will be no twist in it, it will not be? So this story has also a twist. And the name of that twist is ArshiPablo's old love interrupted his new love story. What will Pablodo now? Will he make a new love story or start his old love story as new? Who will be Pablo's partner, who will leave, who will laugh, and who will cry? It will be known that day when everyone else will start their love story and the day is Valentine's day of 2021

Prem Tame Movie Cast & Crew:

Soumya Mukherjee

Susmita Chatterjee

Sweta Mishra

Produce by Shrikant Mohta & Mahendra Soni

Directed by Anindya Chatterjee

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