Sohini Sarkar Starring in New Bengali Movie Ei Ami Renu
Sohini Sarkar in Ei Ami Renu

The New Bengali movie Ei Ami Renu starring Sohini Sarkar and Soham Chakraborty. This is the first time Soham and Sohini will be seen together in a film. Soham will be seen as an outspoken government officer in the film Ei Ami Renu. Soham's character is a very serious character, Whose face is rarely seen smiling in the movie. Soham's character is very important in the movie. Sohini Sarkar will be seen as Soham's wife. Apart from Sohini and Soham, Gaurav Chakraborty, Kaushik Ganguly, Anindya Chatterjee, and Alivia Sarkar will also be seen in the movie.

The movie Ei Ami Renu is mainly a story of the '80s, made in the context of the '80s. The story of the movie is reminiscent of the '80s. All the cultures of the '80s have been reflected in the movies. Ei Ami Renu's movie is based on the use of the old days the telephone, music, manners. Ei Ami Renu's story is based on the same novel, written by Samaresh Majumder. Directed by Selim and Swarno.

Regarding the movie, the producer said that the story of the movie is a period drama. The story of the '80s.So the melody will be given in the movie based on the story of the movie. There will be music in the film as well, as Melody in the '80s.

Actor Gaurav said I am acting in a period drama for the first time. I have never acted in such a context before. I grew up in the '90s. So I don't know about the culture of the '80s. So I am very interested to work on this movie. Through this movie, I can see and feel that time.

Although the release date of the movie has not been announced yet

Ei Ami Movie Cast & Crew:

Soham Chakraborty

Gaurav Chakraborty

Sohini Sarkar

Koushik Ganguly

Anindya Chatterjee

Alivia Sarkar

Music - Rana Mazumdar

Singers-Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Monali Thakur, Kailash Kher, Ash King

Produce by Selim & Swarno with Aangsh Movies Banner

writer - Samaresh Majumder

Directed by Saumen Sur

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