Ushasi Ray in Turu Love web series

Ushasi Ray starring in hoichoi originals web series Turu Love
Turu Love web series Poster

Ushasi Ray is one of the most popular actresses in Bengal. Ushasi Ray debuted with Milon Tithi serial. Ushasi was last seen as Kadambini Ganguly in the Kadambini tv serial on Zee Bangla. After that, she was not seen in any serial. Ushasi's fans are waiting to see her on-screen. Now the time has come, Ushasi will be seen in the hoichoi originals series Turu Love.

Ushasi Ray playing the lead role as Brinda in the web series Turu Love. Turu Love series also features Rishav Basu and Rajnandini Paul with other actors. Rishav playing Aritra and Rajnandini will be seen as Tiyasha.

The story follows Arita (Rishav). Aritra is the son of a rich businessman, he lives so simple and never cares about their business. Aritra's parents arranged his marriage with Tiyasha (Rajnandini). Everything was normal. But one-day Tiyasha refuses to marry Aritra because Aritra does not do any work himself. Aritra tells Tiyasha that he will earn money and give her a ring as a gift. Aritra quarreled with his parents and moved to Kolkata. But after coming to the city, he became more frustrated and he could not get any job. Then Brinda (Ushasi) comes into Aritra's life. Brinda helps Aritra to get a job. Aritra and Brinda become good friends. In the end, will Aritra and Tiyasha get married?  or Aritra and Brinder's new love story will start?

Turu Love web series Releasing 12th February 2021 on OTT platform hoichoi app and official Website, and it will be free streaming. So wait for 12th Feb and make your Turu Love on This valentine's day.

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