Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay serial bringing a new chapter to the story
Swastika Dutta & Krushal Ahuja

Zee Bangla's serial  Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay bringing a new chapter to the story. The heroine of the series, Swastika Dutta (Radhika in the Series) recently announced on her social media that a lot of things will be changed in the serial, She will be seen in a new form and a new character will come along with her and this is going to happen with new episodes. The story of the series suddenly reaches after five years. The series shows Radhika (Swastika) and Karno (Krushal) after five years. It shows Radhika has a Child. After five years  Radhika's son and Karno meet each other with a sweet argument in the market. But Karno doesn't know that he is Radhika's child. How they got separated, whether they got divorced or not, or they just stay apart? That inside story will be revealed with upcoming episodes.


A few days ago It was known that the team of the series went for outdoor shooting. These outdoor shoots are part of the time leaps. But now the question is, How the audience will respond to this new chapter? A few days ago Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay series has changed its telecast time, and now it has taken a time leap. It has also been noticed before that the TRP (Television Rating Point) has decreased due to the new telecast time or time leap. And as we have seen, if the serial doesn't get enough TRP, the makers stop the series as in the case of Star Jalsha's Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial. But after the change of telecast time of this series, it does not lose the love of the audience. But it remains to be seen how the audience will feel about this new chapter. But we hope, the producers will keep the audience in mind and there will be new surprises in the new chapter.

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