Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Starring Sanchaari Das

Zee Bangla Cinema OriginalsBallygunger Bor Barishaler Bou

Zee Bangla Cinema is all set to telecast their new originals film Ballygunger Bor Barishaler Bou. Last month Zee Bangla Cinema has launched its originals film Ishkaboner Rani, Starring Ushasi RayKanchan MullickRishav Basu. Now Zee Bangla Cinema releasing their new originals film  Ballygunger Bor Barishaler BouBallygunger Bor Barishaler Bou will be telecast on 21st March at 6 pm on Zee Bangla CinemaBallygunger Bor Barishaler Bou starring Shoaib Kabeer and Sanchaari Das in the lead roles.

Sanchaari Das is mostly known for her role in Sun Bangla's serial Sarbamangala. Before this film, Sanchaari Das was seen in two films of Zee Bangla Cinema Originals. The films are Jayo Jayo Debi and Babur Biye. Once again Sanchaari will be seen in Zee Cinema Originals film. Shoaib Kabeer is known for his acting in Zee 5 web series Black Widows and State of Siege: 26/11 where he played Vicky and Ajmal Kasab. Shoaib Kabeer will be seen as the Mitra family's grandson and Sanchaari Das playing Uma, the girl from Barishal.

Ballygunger Bor Barishaler Bou film belongs to a romantic comedy film. The story follows the Mitra family. Before died of Mitra family's grandfather, grandfather made a will that if his grandson wants share in his property, he would have to meet certain conditions. After grandfather died, the family lawyer informed everyone about the condition. His grandson has to marry Uma, a resident of Barisal. Grandson refuses to marry Uma. He said, 'How can I marry an unknown girl? On the other hand, Uma also refuse to get married. But in order to share the grandfather's property, they have to marry each other according to the conditions. Asked about the second condition of the grandfather, the lawyer said that the envelope of the second condition will be opened after the first condition is fulfilled. What's in the second condition? What will happen in Uma's life? The story of the movie made with this complex and fun.

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