Bengali Tv Stars Raja Goswami and Madhubani Goswami Become Parents
Raja Goswami & Madhubani Goswami

Raja Goswami and Madhubani Goswami is one of the most popular off-screen and On-screen Jodi in the Bengal audience. A few months ago, Madhubani shared news about her pregnancy on her social media page. Now  Madhubani and Raja became parents. The last night, Madhubani became the mother of a baby boy. The couple decided his name as soon as the child was born. Raja and Madhubani named their child Keshav. Madhubani shared the news on her social media page. On Saturday morning, Madhubani shared a photo with her child on her social media page and wrote 'Blessed with a baby boy on 9.04.2021... KESHAV says Hello to you all!!!.' According to this post, we can guess that they had already fixed the name of their child. 

This beautiful couple shares their happiness with their fans after giving birth to the child. Raja Goswami posted a selfie with his child and wife and wrote in the caption 'The gentleman came to light our lap, give us love - Blessed with a baby Boy... Thanks, Almighty... Gratitude...'Fans have filled the comment box to express their love for this sweet family.

Raja Goswami and Madhubani Goswami mostly famous as Om and Tora in series. Om and Tora's Jodi is one of the most popular Jodi in the Bengali Tv industry. And it still has its craze. Om and Tora's Jodi raised a storm of TRP to Star Jalsha which was produced by Snehasish Chakraborty. Raja and Madhubani's real love story started from the set of series. Now their love story got blessed by God in form of this baby.

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