Star Jalsha New Serial Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​ Cast, Story

Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera Promotional Poster

Star Jalsha announced their new serial Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​. Recently Star Jalsha has launched a promo of Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​. A few days back  Star Jalsha announced a brand new series Mon Phagun. Although the telecast time of the serial has not been announced yet. And this time Star Jalsha announce another serial named Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​. A few days ago, Star Jalsha launched a new series title Boron. Now Star Jalsha going to release two brand new series Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​ and Mon Phagun.

Star Jalsha's New serial Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​ Starring Debadrita Basu and Prarabdhi Singha in the lead roles. Actress Debadrita Basu was last seen on screen in Alo Chhaya serial which aired on Zee Bangla and Prarabdhi Singha was last seen on Star Jalsha in Bhaggolokkhi Serial. Debadrita Basu and Prarabdhi Singha making pair for the first time. This new pair will be seen through Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​ series.

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One more interesting thing is that child actress Arshiya Mukherjee will be seen as child Meera. Arshiya Mukherjee has won the audience's heart with her performance in Bhutu tv series. Even though the serial is over, she still has a place in the hearts of Bengali audiences as Bhutu.

Star Jalsha's serial Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera​ is about Meera also known as Meerabai. Meera was a Hindu mystic poet and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Her original name was 'Mihira' but she introduced her name in the changed form Meera owing to the Rajasthani accent in her poetry and she became popular with this name. Mirabai's name is also mentioned in Bhaktamahal, Which proves that she was known worldwide and was cherished in the culture of the devotional movement in the 16th century. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and regarded Lord Krishna as her husband. Read more about Meerabai.

Debadrita Basu will portray this Mirabai's character and her love for Lord Krishna on the screen. Actor Prarabdhi Singha will be seen as Lord Krishna. Star Jalsha bringing this pair of Lord Krishna and devotee in front of the audience.

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