Zee Bangla's Alo Chhaya Serial Coming to End, Actress Debadrita Basu reveal the reason

Arnab Banerjee & Debadrita Basu

Alo Chhaya serial was started on 2nd September 2019. The story started with Alo, when she was started live with her cousin sister Chaya after lost her parents. The series was started with these two cousin sisters Alo and Chhaya. After complete one year, the series going to shut down. Alo Chhaya serial is one of the most viewed series in Bengali Tv Industry. But now the series is going to be closed. The serial is going to end in the next week. March 31st was the last day of shooting for the Alo Chhaya series. But Everyone had a question in mind that why the serial is ending suddenly?

In reply, the heroine of the serial Debadrita Basu said, 'First the channel decided to end the serial and later the producer Susanta Das agreed with it. The channel decided to end the serial after analyzing the time schedule, screenplay, and TRP. However, on the last day of the shooting, everyone was upset on the set. We have worked together for more than a year. We have shared each other's problems. we had fun, we had lunch together, we had gossips together, it was like a second family and I also wanted to take a break. After playing the same character continuously, there is a desire to try something new. But I will miss them'.

Alo Chhaya Serial Cast & Crew

Once again a serial is about to be closed for the competition of TRP(Television Rating Point). This is how Star Jalsha's Bhaggolokkhi serial was ended suddenly. However, the reason behind the end of Alo Chhaya serial is not only the TRP but also the screenplay and time slot problems.

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