Actor-MP Mimi Chakraborty launched a Covid helpline Number
Mimi Chakraborty

The whole world is affected by the Coronavirus. This 2nd end wave of Covid- 19 has become more terrible all over India. The celebrities have also extended a helping hand to the people in this epidemic. Don't be afraid, Trinamool MP Mimi Chakraborty has given the message to eradicate this epidemic by following all the rules set by the government. This time Mimi Chakraborty extended a helping hand to the people. Mimi Chakraborty launched a covid helpline number for For Jadavpur residents. Last Friday, Mimi launched this covid helpline number with her team. The number is :7688012811. If the covid affected patient or the patient's family faces any lack of medical equipment, then this helpline number will help them. Mimi and her team will send them medical equipment like oxygen, medicine, plasma, etc. as soon as possible.

Mimi Chakraborty shares the news through her social media pages. Mimi said, 'don't be afraid. Be brave, follow all the rules set by the government. We are with You. We will help you as much as we can. We will reach out to you as soon as possible by informing on this number'. Local people have praised Mimi for her step. However, some politicians have criticized it.

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The whole world, including India, is affected by the Coronavirus. It's a request to everyone, from the Bengalplanet team, please don't take this lightly, please wear your mask and follow the rules set by the government. take care of yourself and your family.

#StaySafe #BeSafe

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