Bengali TV serial makers are worried about the extension of the lockdown

Bengali TV serial makers are worried about the extension of the
Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay Serial Shooting Spot

The shooting of TV serials, movies, etc. has been stopped since May 16 due to the announcement of complete lockdown. The channels and producers are concerned about this which growing further. Last Tuesday 27th May CM Mamata Banerjee made an announcement that the lockdown has been extended till 15th June and she has urged everyone to follow the rules and restrictions to control the pandemic.

As a result, various TV channels are also get worried like common people. The shooting will remain closed till June 15, including the dubbing studio. Last few days we have seen fresh episodes of several serials because the channel authorities had some episode banking which is about to end. Few tv channels have already started airing dubbing serials in place of the original shows, For example, a dubbing serial is being shown in place of Zee Bangla's Kori Khela serial.

Some tv channels have started 'shot at home videos' to keep the audience entertained. However, the viewers, channels, or producers are not satisfied with this. Television stars are having trouble to shoot from home. They are having trouble maintaining the standing position or the angel and if it goes wrong they have to shoot again. It's really tough to act when your co-star is not in front of you.

Television authorities have decided that they will seek permission from the West Bengal government for the shooting under special conditions.

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