June Aunty aka Ushasie Chakraborty Re-Entry in Sreemoyee

June Aunty aka Ushasie Chakraborty Re-Entry in Sreemoyee-Bengalplanet.com
Ushasie Chakraborty (Instagram Pic)

Sreemoyee is one of the most popular series in the Bengali Tv Industry. The series starring Indrani Haldar has been entertaining the audience from the beginning. At present, the story of the series is going on with Sreemoyee's daughter Dithee ((Aishi Bhattacharya). A few days ago, Actor Arnab Banerjee has joined the series where he playing Aitijhyo Roy aka Chhotu. But now the maker Leena Gangopadhyay bringing new surprises to the series.

Once again June Aunty aka Ushasie Chakraborty will be seen in the series. In the past few months, June aunty aka Ushasie Chakraborty has not been seen in the series. According to the story, June aunty was in jail for two months. Two months later, June Aunty is returning to the life of Anindya (Sudip Mukherjee) and Sreemoyee. The TRP (Television Rating Point) of the Sreemoyee series was at the top level when its story was going with June aunty. But currently, the TRP of the series is not at that level.

Although Ushasie Chakraborty has played the role of June Guha in the serial, But she is more popular as June Aunty than June Guha. Once again JuneĀ  Aunty will be seen in the series. Has June aunty become a good person at this time? or she is still the same as before. All the things indicate that the upcoming episodes of the Sreemoyee serial will be more interesting and lovable.

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