Kori Khela Serial will Start airing soon

Kori Khela Serial will Start airing soon-Bengalplanet.com
Ananda Ghosh & Sriparna Roy (Instagram Pic)

Shooting for multiple TV shows has been suspended since May 16 (2021) due to the lockdown. Due to lockdown various TV channels and production houses are worried. Multiple series are being shut down completely due to the same reason. Some serial artists are trying to entertain the audience by shooting it from their homes as much as possible.

However, in the meantime, the broadcasting of the Kori Khela serial Starring Sriparna Roy and Ananda Ghosh has stopped completely. The viewers wondered why the serial was stopped where other series were being telecast by shooting from home? The serial has stopped airing due to the shortage of episode banking.

But this time, there is good news for Kori Khela serial's fans. Zee Bangla has officially announced that the serial will be back soon. Recently Zee Bangla released a new promo of Kori Khela serial. Although Zee Bangla did not mention any specific date yet. However, it is expected to start airing new episodes as soon as the lockdown opens. There is news that the serial makers will appeal to the government to shoot according to certain rules. If the government approves their request there is a strong possibility that all the serial and shows will start airing as before.

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