Renee falls in Love with Gangaram in Gangaram Series
Gangaram Episode Pic

Renee falling in love with Gangaram(Abhishek Bose) in Gangaram series. Renee playing by Surabhi Mallik recently joined the cast of Gangaram. She is playing Renee, a musician. Renee's father Jhantu Sen is also a music director in the series. Renee's entry make s the series more interesting to the audience. It has started a love triangle with the music backdrops. Renee has created a turning point in Gangaram's life. Renee founds Gangaram as a versatile singer. Renee decides to make Gangaram a superstar and Gangaram starts learning from Renee.

And the other hands Taira playing by Sohini Guha Roy. She is not happy with Gangaram. Taira is disturbed as Gangaram married her. Taira didn't accept Gangaram as her husband because he is a village boy and poor. But over time, Taira falls feels jealous of the friendship of Gangaram and Renee. The new triangle shows Taira and Renee both are falling in love with Gangaram. Renee's entry going to make a huge change in Gangaram's life. The new love triangle making the upcoming episodes more interesting to the viewers.

Gangaram series is about a village bandmaster who loves to sing and listen to Bengali folk songs. His life has changed after he got married to a rich girl. Gangaram serial Starring Abhishek Bose, Sohini Guha Roy, Surabhi Mallick, Kushal Chakraborty, Moushami Saha, Supriyo Dutta, Subhadra Chakraborty, Samrat Mukherjee in the lead roles.

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