Sun Bangla series Saraswatir Prem will be shut down
Saraswatir Prem Serial Character Poster

Last Saturday West Bengal government announced complete lockdown. The news shocked everyone including tv industry. Earlier we reported that the shooting of tv serials will remain stopped due to the lockdown. And once again a Bengali tv serial going off-air. This time Sun Bangla series Saraswatir Prem going off-air. Last Sunday the makers have decided to stop the series. A few days ago it was known that Sun Bangla's other series Harano Sur will be shut down. And now Saraswatir Prem serial will be shut down.

Saraswatir Prem serial Starring Pallavi Dey and Abhishek Veer Sharma in the lead roles. Saraswatir Prem serail was launched on 7th December 2020. Even the series didn't complete a year and the makers decided to shut down.

'Last Sunday we finished our shoots for Saraswatir Prem. Everyone was upset on the set. It was a nice experience. Swaraswatir Prem is the debut Bengali serial for me. I have learned a lot of things from here. Last Sunday I was on Facebook live and reveal the news to my fans. As usual, everyone gets upset during the live session' said Abhishek Veer Sharma.

Although the serial supposed to end soon, the producers decided to end it a little early due to the lockdown. The last telecast of Saraswatir Prem will be on 30th May 2021.

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