Actor Souvik Banerjee joins the cast of 'Titli' Serial

Souvik Banerjee

Actor Souvik Banerjee will be seen in Star Jalsha's popular serial Titli. Souvik Banerjee going to play another lead role in Titli Tv Series. He will play the character of Niladri who runs an NGO (A non-governmental organization) with his friends. Souvik Banerjee was last seen on the screen of Zee Bangla. He was seen in Alo Chhaya serial where he played an important character as Deepjoy Banerjee. He made pair with Oindrila Bose in that serial. Souvik Banerjee becomes quite popular in the Bengali audience with Alo Chhaya serial. Now Souvik Banerjee joins the cast of Titli serial.

Souvik Banerjee made his acting debut with Chirodini Ami Je Tomar tv-series that aired on Colors Bangla. He played the lead role as Ranodeep Basak where his co-star Sharly Modak played Anuradha Sanyal. Souvik Banerjee made pair with Sharly Modak, audience loved the Jodi so much but unfortunately, Chirodini Ami Je Tomar serial didn't get success and goes shut down.

In Titli serial, Souvik Banerjee will play Niladri and his entry will be with Titli where he rescues Titli and takes her home. Niladri lives happily with his mother. Niladri has an interesting past that will unfold as the serial progress. From here Niladri's journey begins in the serial. All of these things indicate that the upcoming episodes of Titli serial will be more interesting.

Titli serial Starring Madhupriya Choudhary and Aryann Bhowmik. Madhupriya Choudhary playing 'Titli' character and her co-star Aryann Bhowmik playing Suny Bose. Apart from them, Titli Serial has a strong cast including Kushal Chakraborty, Maitrayee Mitra, Shankar Chakraborty, Ayendri Lavina Roy, Mishty Singh, Chandranibho Mukherjee, Rimjhim MitraAritra Dutta, Nandini Dutta and, others.

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