Actress Ashmita Chakraborty Joins the cast of Sanjher Baati

Actress Ashmita Chakraborty Joins the cast of Sanjher
Ashmita Chakraborty

Actress Ashmita Chakraborty who mostly known for portraying the character of Riya in Bhaggolokhhi serial recently join the cast of Sanjher Baati. After Bhaggolokkhi serial, she playing an important character in Felna serial. And This time Ashmita Chakraborty has been seen in Sanjher Baati serial. Ashmita Chakraborty playing  Pollo in the series. Recently a new chapter has started in Sanjher Baati serial Where Ashmita Chakraborty has been seen as Chitrangada's cousin sister.

Earlier, the story of Sanjher Baati serial was going on with Charu and Arjo where Arjo was the son of a rich family and Charu was a village girl. Charu and Arjoman were seen in simple and traditional looks. But in the new chapter, their character is completely different and opposite. Lead actor Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh and Debchandrima have been seen in new forms in the new chapter of Sanjher Baati.In the new chapter, they are seen in a completely modern look. Rezwan playing Arjun and Debchandrima playing Chitrangata aka Chiku. In the new chapter, Arjun is a mechanic and Chitrangata aka Chiku is a fashion lover bubbly girl who belongs to a rich family.

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