Kanchan Mullick filed a counter-complaint against his wife

Kanchan Mullick

The rumors circulating in the industry that Kanchan Mullick and Tv actress Sreemoyee Chattoraj have an affair. Kanchan Mullick's wife Pinky lodged a complaint against her husband and Sreemoyee Chattoraj at New Alipore Police Station. Denying the allegations, Kanchan Mullick lodged a counter-harassment complaint against his wife Pinky at Chetla Police station.

Pinky complains that Kanchan and Sreemoyee Chattoraj have harassed her. Sreemoyee tried to contact me but I didn't answer her phone call. They forced me to get out of my car near Basudha cinema hall but I refused and then Sreemoye tried to harm me, even Kanchan didn't stop her said Kanchan Mullick's wife Pinky.

Kanchan Mullick said I wanted to talk to Pinky about the rumors circulating about me and Sreemoyee, Is that a crime? But she made a false case against me and Sreemoyee. I don't understand a thing, until a few months ago everything was fine, but after joining a political party, why am I getting such notoriety? Did I make anything wrong by joining a political party?

Sreemoyee said I am very surprised. Pinky Di lodged a police complaint against me. I don't know why is she playing this dirty game with me? She threatening me. It seems like she is doing all this just for the sake of publicity. All of this makes me feel really bad, It's better to commit suicide than all this notoriety.

I would like to say one thing to Pinky Di. Please don't play all these dirty games to me. I have tried to contact you many times. Please contact me. All the issues can be solved with a friendly meeting. Please don't slander me. You are a versatile actress and you are the wife of Kanchan Mullick, You are the granddaughter of Sabitri Chatterjee, You will have the opportunity to work in the industry and you have two backbones in your family. But what about me? But I have to fight myself. Because of the lockdown, no one has enough work. I have old parents, grandparents in my house, I can't talk to them in shame. Please don't slander me like this. All the issues can be settled through a discussion added Sreemoyee Chattoraj.

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