Soham & Srabanti's chemistry will be seen again on screen

Soham & Srabanti's chemistry will be seen again on
Soham Chakraborty & Srabanti Chatterjee

Once again Soham & Srabanti's chemistry will be seen on screen. Soham Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee are going to make their digital debut with Hoichoi web series. Soham & Srabanti will be seen in the lead role in hoichoi originals series 'Dujone'.Soham and Srabanti have been seen together on the big screen many times. For the first time, Soham made pair with Srabanti in Amanush directed by Rajiv Kumar Biswas. After that, they work together in many films like Faande Poriya Boga Kande Re, Piya Re, Hullor, Jio Pagla, etc. This time the pair will be seen in hoichoi's new web series 'Dujone'.

Hoichoi Originals series 'Dujone' is a suspense thriller series directed by Promita Bhattacharya. Soham Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee will be seen as a married couple in the series where Soham playing Amar and Srabanti will be seen as his wife Ahana. On Thursday morning Hoichoi drops its trailer. The story revolves around Amar and his wife Ahana. The trailer shows Amar made an accident and since then his behavior gone change.  Ahana (Srabanti) suspects him when she saw the change in Amar's behavior and she hired a detective with the help of her friend to unravel the mystery. Her friend playing by Rajdeep Gupta helps her to solve the mystery.

Dujone web series also featuring Adrija Roy, Debshankar Halder and Anindita Saha Kapileshwari. Promita Bhattacharya-directed web series 'Dujone' will show the same old chemistry of Soham and Srabanti. Remembering their chemistry Promita Bhattacharya has added a love song title 'Oh My Love' from Amanush film where Soham and Srabanti made their on-screen pair first time.

Hoichoi Original series 'Dujone' will be streaming from 9th July on hoichoi official app and website.

Dujone web series Official Trailer:

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