Tollywood stars mourns the sudden death of Puja Gayen

Tollywood stars mourns the sudden death of Puja
Puja Gayen

Tollywood stars mourns the sudden death of Puja Gayen. 26 years old Puja Gayen was a fashion designer by profession. But the beautiful fashion designer committed suicide on Tuesday night. Puja Gayen was one of the most popular fashion designers of Tollywood tv Industry. She was the designer of a popular series like the Prothoma Kadambini. Actress Jagriti Goswami Ghatak made a post expressing grief over the death. 

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The young designer live in a rented flat in Netaji Nagar, Kolkata. Her parents lives in Burdwan. Puja lived in Kolkata for her work. According to police report, Puja has committed suicide due to her depression and mental pressure. On Tuesday, Puja and his two female friends were gossiping till the overnight. The three friends were completely drunk. Later, the conversation turned into an argument and they were talking in obscene language to each other. Puja gets annoyed and goes to her bedroom and takes sleeping pills. Puja's friends try to get her up but she kicked out her friends from the house. They were shouting to open the door but when Puja didn't open it they broke down the door and they discover the hanging body of Puja. She was immediately taken to the hospital and informed the police. But shortly after being taken to the hospital, the doctor pronounced Puja dead.

Also known that Puja belonged to the LGBT community. The woman with whom Puja had a relationship put a lot of stress on Puja. Puja was under mental pressure as there was a conflict between her and the girl. And the result is so terrible.

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