Actor Gourab Roy Chowdhary team up with Sauraseni Maitra in Mainak Bhoumik's 'Ekannoborti'

Actor Gourab Roy Chowdhary team up with Sauraseni Maitra in Mainak Bhoumik's
Gourab Roy Chowdhary & Sauraseni Maitra

Popular Bengali tv actor Gourab Roy Chowdhary will be seen in Mainak Bhoumik's next film 'Ekannoborti'. He will play the lead role and will be paired with Sauraseni Maitra in the film. Apart from Gourab Roy Choudhary and Sauraseni Maitra, the film also stars Aparajita Adhya, Aloknanda Roy, and Ananya Sen in the other pivotal roles. Popular actress Sandipta Sen will also be seen in the film. Sandipta Sen is going to make her debut in Big screen with this film. She will be seen as herself. Sandipta Sen will be seen as a tv actress named Sandipta Sen that is also her real name.

Speaking about the story of the film, It's a full family drama film which has lots of shades of emotions and feelings. It's about a family where the family members are separated from each other. They meet each other at the season of Durga Puja. The film shows the value of a joint family.

Speaking about Gourab Roy Chowdhary, he is one of the most popular actors in the Bengali tv industry. He is currently playing the lead role in 'Ogo Nirupama' tv series that is about to end soon. He has acted in many popular tv series like Shubho Drishti, Tomay Amay Mile, Trinayani, etc. Apart from films, he has film credits too.

This is not the first time, Many actors have broken the line between tv and films. Popular Tollywood actors like Arjun Chakraborty, Mimi Chakraborty, Madhumita Sarcar who started their acting journey with tv series have made their mark in the film industry too.

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