Actor Vikram Chatterjee Sharing screen with Prosenjit Chatterjee in Atanu Ghosh's Next

Actor Vikram Chatterjee Sharing screen with Prasenjit Chatterjee in Atanu Ghosh's
Vikram Chatterjee & Prosenjit Chatterjee

Vikram Chatterjee, who is busy hosting a reality show will share the screen with versatile actor Prosenjit Chatterjee in Atanu Ghosh's next film 'Shesh Pata'. Vikram Chatterjee will play the role of Shounak in 'Shesh Pata' where Prosenjit Chatterjee will be seen as a writer in the film. After more than three years, Vikram Chatterjee is coming back to films.

Apart from Prosenjit Chatterjee and Vikram Chatterjee, the film features Gargee Roy Choudhary and Rayati Bhattacharya in the other important roles. Well, actress Rayati Bhattacharya is going to make her debut in Big screen with this film. Prosenjit Chatterjee will play the role of Balmiki - A writer who was a famous writer at a time in the film but later, lots of things happened to him. Actress Gargee Roy Choudhary will play Medha. Gargee Roy Choudhary might be seen to make pair with Prosenjit Chatterjee. Apart from acting Gargee Roy will sing a song for the film.

Rayati Bhattacharya will play the role of Dipa opposite Vikram Chatterjee. The film 'Shesh Pata' featuring a new on-screen pair of Vikram Chatterjee and Rayati Bhattacharya. Vikram Chatterjee will play Shounak who belongs to a middle-class family. Shounak lives with his parents and a younger brother. Shounak's father who worked in the film industry has no job for the past few years. So, Shounak takes all the responsibility of his family. Shounak and Dipa are in a relationship that is also an important element in the film.

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The film 'Shesh Pata' is about debt. Apart from money, we have a lot of debt in our life. Director Atanu Ghosh will highlight various aspects of psychology about this debt, in his next film 'Shesh Pata'. 

Vikram Chatterjee is excited to work with Prosenjit Chatterjee. 'I was looking for a good role in a good film and luckily got the opportunity to share the screen with Prosenjit Chatterjee. There are lot of things that I can learn from him. I am also looking forward to working with Atanu Ghosh, he is a very good director and I am waiting to start the new venture' said Vikram Chatterjee.

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