Star Jalsha has changed the telecast time of two serials
Boron Serial New Telecast Time

Boron is of the popular series of Star Jalsha. Recently Star Jalsha has announced the telecast time of their new show named Dhulokona. The channel has changed the schedule for a few shows to maintain other shows and Boron is one of them. Boron serial will be telecast on 5.30 pm Monday to Sunday from 19th July.

Boron serial starring Sushmit Mukherjee and Indrani Paul in the lead roles. The story revolves around Rudrick (Sushmit) and Tithi (Indrani). Rudrick and Tithi belong from the different background where Rudrick belongs to a rich family and Tithi belong to a simple middle-class family. By the order of fate, Tithi and Rudrik got married to each other and Rudrik's life changed completely.

Star Jalsa has changed the timing of one more serial. The serial name is Ogo Nirupama.
Ogo Nirupama Serial New Telecast Time

Ogo Nirupama Serial will be telecast on 4.30 pm Monday to Sunday from 19th July. Ogo Nirupama serial Starring Arkoja Acharya and Gourab Roy Chowdhury in the lead roles. Apart from Arkoja and Gourab, the serial has a strong cast including Tulika Bose, Arghya Mukherjee, Anuradha Roy, Tanuka Chatterjee, and others.

The story of Ogo Nirupama series revolves around Nirupama playing by Arkoja Acharya, In the story, Nirupama has to face many problems in her life as she is not good-looking. By the order of Destiny, she gets married to Abir Roy Chowdhury (Gourab) who is a businessman and handsome by looks. Abir initially didn't accept Nirupama as his wife but as the story progresses, he falls in love with Nirupama.

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