Tv actress Manosi Sengupta and Filmmaker Raja Chanda team up for a web series
Manosi Sengupta

Tv actress Manosi Sengupta will be seen in director Raja Chanda's upcoming web series 'Katakuti'. Manosi Sengupta will play the lead role as Koushani in this series. Apart from Manosi Sengupta, the series also features Sourav Das.  Actor Sourav Das will play the lead role opposite Manosi Sengupta. The is the second time where Sourav Das and Manosi Sengupta sharing the screen. The actress has been seen in web series before. She has acted in popular web series like Sei Je Holud Pakhi, Kamini, etc.

Telling about Manoshi Sengupta, she is one of the most popular faces on the Bengali Tv screen for playing negative roles. The actress has already won the audience's heart by playing Payel Sen in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay tv series on Zee Bangla. Manosi Sengupta has worked in various tv series like Kunjochaya, Soudaminir Sansar, Manasa, etc.
Director Raja Chanda

After working on several tv series, Manosi Sengupta will be as a heroine on screen. Raja Chanda's upcoming web series Katakuti is a crime thriller web series where Manosi Sengupta and Sourav Das making pair. Katakuti's story is about a murder mystery. The story revolves around Koushani (Manoshi Sengupta). In the story, some unexpected things happen with Koushani and her lover (Sourav Das) takes revenge for it. The team of Katakuti web series has already started the shooting. If everything goes well, the series will be released soon. Although the released date of the series has not been announced yet as the team just started the shooting.

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