Tv Actress Sandipta Sen is going to make her Film debut
Mainak Bhoumik & Sandipta Sen

Tv Actress Sandipta Sen is going to make her film debut with director Mainak Bhoumik's next film Ekannoborti. Sandipta Sen will play an important character in the film. Apart from Sandipta Sen, The film also stars Aparajita Adhya, Sauraseni Maitra, Alokananda Roy and Ananya Sen in the lead roles.

Nowadays, most of the people living separated from their parents or their other family members. Today's society is forgetting the value of a joint family. In the old days, everyone lived together as a joint family. But nowadays the joint family is no longer seen as it was in those old days. Director Mainak Bhoumik is bringing his new film Ekannoborti that shows the value of a joint family.

Actress Sandipta Sen will be seen as herself. In the film, She will play the role of a tv actress name Sandipta Sen which is also her real name. The story of the movie has been made in the season of Durga Puja. The story revolves around the Banerjee family. The Members of the Banerjee family have been separated due to their work. They come and meet each other during the Durga Puja and the story starts from here. The film celebrates the value of a joint family.

'July is a lucky month for me. For the first time, I faced the camera in July and Now I got the opportunity to work with Mainak Bhoumik in the same month. I like his work and I always wanted to work with Mainak Sir' said, Sandipta Sen.

For the first time, Sandipta Sen faced the spotlight for her debut tv-series Durga that premiered on 8th September 2008.

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