Indrasish Roy making pair with Ranieeta Dash in Souptick Chakraborty's web series 'Khelaa Ssuru'

Indrasish Roy making pair with Ranieeta Dash in Souptick Chakraborty's web series 'Khela Suru'
Indrasish Roy and Ranieeta Dash

Actor Indrasish Roy who is currently playing the lead role in the Dhulokona tv series will be seen with Ranieeta Dash in Souptick Chakraborty's web series 'Khelaa Ssuru'. In the series, Indrasish Roy will play the lead role as Abhishek and Ranieeta Dash will be seen as Srestha opposite him. Actress Ranieeta Dash making her debut on the digital platform with this series where she will be seen in a live-in -relationship with Abhishek aka Indrasish Roy.

Apart from Indrasish Roy and Ranieeta Dash, the series also stars Bidaut, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, Rana Basu Thakur, Amitav Acharya, Ashim Roy Chowdhury, Shreyasee Samanta, and Souptick Chakraborty in the pivotal roles. Actress Ranieeta Dash also producing the series with her longtime boyfriend Souptick Chakraborty who is mostly known for his acting in Bengali tv series. Actor Souptick Chakraborty is producing and acting as well as directing the series.

Speaking about the web series, it's a horror suspense genre web series. The story revolves around Abhishek (Indrasish) and Srestha (Ranieeta) who are in a live-in-relationship with each other. Abhi aka Abhishek is an artist by profession and painting is his only source of income. But even after passing from a popular college, he could not make a name for himself as an artist. He has
also a bad habit of gambling, and as a result, he falls into a trap of mischief at a time. And the other hand, Srestha works tirelessly in a parlour and a call center to try to solve the financial issues. The turning point comes in their lives when Abhishek finds a picture of a miraculous foreign canvas. The miraculous canvas made them rich, but their happiness did not last long. They fall into a dangerous trouble. They play a game that gradually becomes terrible. What is the game? how Abhishek and Srestha will come out from the game? It will be known this August. Indrasish Roy and Ranieeta Dash Starrer web series 'Khelaa Ssuru' releasing this August on Klikk official app and website.

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