Yash-Madhumita's music video 'O Mon Re' Releasing in August

Yash-Madhumita's 'O Mon Re' Releasing on this August-Bengalplanet.com
Madhumita Sarcar & Yash Dasgupta

The wait is about to end. The Yash-Madhumita duo is coming back to fulfil the wishes of their fans. A few days ago, It was reported that the Yash-Madhumita duo will be seen on screen again through a music video title 'O Mon Re' which is sung and written by Bangladeshi musician Tanveer Evan. Since the news came, fans are waiting for Yash-Madhumita to reappear on screen. And now the good news has come for the Yashmita (Yash-Madhumita) fans. The release date of Yash-Madhumita's music video 'O Mon Re' has been announced. Yashmita's new love song 'O Mon Re' to be released on 15th August on the SVF Music's official Youtube channel.

 'O Mon Re'  Music Video Promo:

'O Mon Re' featuring the madness of love. An intense love story including fun, friendship, laugh, tears and a little madness. There is love in the mind but the man of love is not there. Yash and Madhumita are thinking about those happy days when they were together. But now she is getting married. Why their relationship broke down? Is it possible to regain lost love? The answer to this question can be found in Yash-Madhumita's new music video 'O Mon Re' which produce by Mahendra Soni under the SVF banner and directed by Baba Yadhav.

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