Actress Oindrila Bose Debuting on Big Screen

Actress Oindrila Bose Debuting on Big
Oindrila Bose

Actress Oindrila Bose who played Chhaya in 'Alo Chhaya' serial is sharing screen with Chiranjeet Chakraborty. She is going to make her debut on big screen with a thriller film titled 'Mrityur Rong Dhushor' directed by Vikram Aditya Arjun. Apart from Oindrila Bose and Chiranjeet Chakraborty the film also stars Kamaleswar Mukherjee, Kinjal Nanda, Rano Joy Bishnu, Soumita, and Anit Chakraborty in the key roles.

Mrityur Rong Dhushor is a psychological thriller film that revolves around a series of murders. The mystery starts when some young boys and girls get killed by someone. The game of murders continues in the city as the local police could not catch the assassin. A special team of the Lalbazar crime branch takes over the case to solve the murder mystery. They believe that there is a psycho killer behind these murders. What is the motive behind these murders? Will the special team be able to unravel the mystery? All the questions will be answered after the release of the film.

The film has been shot in and around Kolkata. Actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty will be seen as the leader of the investigation team. The film has three songs. Musician Loy-Deep will compose the songs, he has even recorded two songs already. If all goes according to plan, the film will hit the theaters next year.

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