Debolina Dutta's new film 'Kishalay' on 7-year-old girl who committed suicide

Debolina Dutta new film 'Kishalay' on 7-year-old girl who committed
Kishalay Movie Poster (Pic- Instagram)

We are constantly running in this world of competition. Nowadays we all want to be established and children are not left out in the conflict of this competition. All parents want their children to be educated and established in society. As soon as the results of the exam are published, everyone's eyes go to the mark sheet. The sweet days of childhood are lost somewhere in the conflict of this number. The children are overwhelmed by the pressure of studying forgetting to play on the field. The story of the endangered childhood will be seen in Debolina Dutta and Sudip Mukherjee's new movie 'Kishalay'.

Apart from Debolina Dutta and Sudip Mukherjee the film also stars Sudipta Chakraborty, Vivek Tribedi, Debraj Mukhopadhyay, and child actress Adrija Mukhopadhyay as Antara. Actor Sudip Mukherjee will be seen as a Prosecutor while Debolina Dutta will be seen as the defense lawyer.

The story revolves around a 7-year-old girl who committed suicide while no one was at home. Before she died, she wrote on a page of her notebook, "Dad is very bad, Dad beats me''. Police have arrested Antara's father Aritra on the basis of the suicide note. The Prosecutor demanded Aritra's harsh punishment in court where Aritra's lawyer tries to prove how Aritra beat his daughter under emotional pressure and how much he loves his daughter. The story of family incompatibility also comes up in the film and how the sensitive child's mind is being poisoned by the pressure of the surrounding situation.

'Kishalay' is produced by Aranyak Banerjee and directed by Atiul Islam. The film will hit the theaters on 19th November 2021.

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