Karna Subarner Guptodhon: A New Adventure Journey of Sona Da, Abir, and Jhinuk

Karna Subarner Guptodhon: A New Adventure Journey of Sona Da, Abir, and Jhinuk-Bengalplanet.com
Arjun Chakrabarty, Ishaa Saha & Abir Chatterjee

Sona Da is ready to embark on his new adventure journey. Once again, Sona Da and his nephew Abir and Abir's friend Jhinuk will be involved in a new mystery. On the last day of the year, director Dhrubo Banerjee announced his new movie 'Karna Subarner Guptodhon' that features a new adventure journey of Sona Da, Abir, and Jhinuk. This is going to be the third film of the Guptodhan franchise.

Note: In the Guptodhan franchise, Sona Da aka Subarna Sen is the character name of actor Abir Chatterjee, Arjun Chakrabarty plays the role of Abir aka Abirlal Roy and Jhinuk aka Jhinuk Majumdar playing by actress Ishaa Saha.

Earlier, we have seen Guptodhoner Sondhane (2018) and Durgeshgorer Guptodhon (2019. Director Dhrubo Banerjee introduced the historical mysteries of Bengal to the new generation with adventure and thrill where we have seen, Sona Da has solved various historical enigmas with the help of his sharp intellect. Despite being in danger with Abir and Jhinuk, Sona Da has solved deep mysteries. But Sona Da is not a detective. There are many detectives in the history of Bengal. However, Sona Da should not be counted among the detectives. While traveling with his nephew Abir, Sona Da got involved in various mysteries more than once. But Sona Da, with the help of his intellect, broke the fence of those mysteries and got rid of the danger, and solved the historical mysteries.

Karnasuvarna was the capital of the Gauda Kingdom during the reign of Raja Shashanka, the first important king of ancient Bengal who ruled in the 7th century. The ruins of Karnasuvarna have been located at Kansona in the present Murshidabad. The travelogue of Chinese traveler Xuanzang gives a brilliant account of that capital.

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In the new year, Director of Guptadhan franchise Dhrubo Banerjee's new film will unveil the mystery of 'Karna Subarner Guptodhon'. The film has mysteries, adventure, love, and the sweet fight of Abir & Jhinuk.

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