Darshana Banik and Saurav Das pairing up for a horror flick

Darshana Banik and Saurav Das pairing up for a horror flick-Bengalplanet.com
Saurav Das & Darshana Banik

Actress Darshana Banik and actor Saurav Das will be seen together on-screen. Saurav Das and Darshana Banik paring up for Preetam Mukherjee's horror film Rish. In the film, Darshana-Saurav will be seen as a married couple where Darshana Banik will play the role of Mandira, and Saurav Das will be seen as her husband Abir. Apart from the fresh pair of Darshana-Saurav, one more interesting part is director Preetam Mukherjee is going to introduce her daughter Kiaana Mukherjee on Big screen. Kiaana Mukherjee will play the center character in this film where she will be seen as Abir and Mandira's daughter Fiona.

Preetam Mukherjee's film Rish also features Chandrayee Ghosh, Piyali Mukherjee, Amitavo Chatterjee, and Swati Mukherjee. Actress Chandrayee Ghosh will be seen as a nun in the film. Speaking about the plot of this film, the story revolves around Abir and Mandira's daughter Fiona who gets possessed by an evil spirit that tries to destroy her family and kill her too.

In a popular newspaper interview, director Preetam Mukherjee said that the Rish movie would remind the viewers of Hollywood horror movies where Ghost shows fear silently. "Never shout. Don't gesture. But every moment the audience feels that fear.

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